Session VII: European Processor Initiative: The Euro HPC Industrial Cornerstone

EuroHPC Joint Undertaking is a new European Union’s strategic entity focused on pooling of the Union’s and national resources on HPC to acquire, build and deploy the most powerful supercomputers in the world within Europe. This talk explores the European Processor Initiative (EPI), one of the cornerstones of this European HPC strategic plan. Launched in December, the first three years draws processor and platform design; embedded software, middleware, applications and usage experts from 10 EU countries together to co-design Europe’s first HPC Systems on Chip and accelerator technologies. The EU-CPU family is targeted to debut in 2020 on a pre-exascale prototype system and production-ready by the 2021 time frame.

Beyond Exascale, EPI also prepares the post-exascale EU processing solutions, with its unique Common Platform (CP) technology. A brief introduction to CP will be presented in this talk.

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Location: Grand Ballroom C Date: March 29, 2019 Time: 11:30 am - 11:50 am Jean-Marc Denis, EPI